Marketing for small businesses

How to market your small business

In this internet age of huge, expensive and hugely expensive marketing campaigns, it can be difficult for small businesses or individuals to keep up with the bigger companies and their online presence. That level of online presence and revenue it brings, can also mean that physical, bricks and mortar presence is difficult to compete with also.

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Affordable and personal direct marketing

We are not denying the need for a strong and honest online presence, to which there are lots of techniques that small companies can adopt or even agencies that can help you build your online presence, in order to help you compete online.

If building your presence online isn’t a priority for your company, there are plenty of alternative marketing methods at your disposal that are seriously effective but don’t need cost the earth. Promotional marketing is something often overlooked – affordable, eye-catching and memorable, this could be just what your small business is looking for.

Promote your business with balloons

Whilst balloons often remind us of children’s parties and christenings, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Balloons transport us back in time to our childhood, they represent nostalgia and fun. This is part of the reason why they make such a fantastic marketing tool, by appealing to your customers inner child.

Balloons have the potential to be bright, bold and eye-catching, they’re easily branded or customised but above all, they’re affordable. When choosing a balloon company, take into consideration the amount of products they offer along with their customer service, for balloons in Leeds you won’t get better than Funky Muppet.

Promotional pin badges

Pin badges are another vastly overlooked means of marketing, they are highly adaptable, often very reasonably priced and because they come in relatively large quantities, perfect to use as a promotional marketing tool. There are a vast array of different badges: hard enamel pin badges, button badges, soft enamel pin badges, die struck pin badges, I could go on.

Some pin badges are generally more colourful than others, whilst some are more or less expensive than other. Whichever you decide to go with as promotional tool, make sure you research the company you are going to use, bearing in mind price, minimum order quantity and lead time. One company who has a fantastic reputation for a high quality product with a fantastic level of service is Badge Base.

Marketing and advertising needn’t cost the earth

Traditional signage, whether outside your shop or on a billboard near a busy road is often less expensive than you would think and is a highly effective means of marketing your business. So next time you’re considering promoting your business, think about badges, balloons and banners.

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