The power of packaging

Well-designed, eye-catching packaging can prove to be a powerful marketing tool and in our increasingly design-led world, the way products are packaged can make a huge difference to product sales. Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes these days with packaging design only limited by your imagination so here’s a little – and hopefully helpful – insight into the world of packaging.

Presentation boxes make the perfect packaging for pretty much any product or product promotion. Co-packing is ideal for when multiple products need to be displayed together – for example free product samples given away as part of a promotion – presentation boxes can enhance a product image. High quality presentation boxes may cost more than cheaper, less robust alternatives but high quality boxes tend to be used again and again by consumers, proving a useful way to extend the marketing process.

Printed ribbons can make the perfect finishing touch for your presentation boxes or promotional packaging. It’s possible to have promotion ribbons printed with virtually any logo, brand name, and image or marketing message. Useful for transforming a standard promotional box into a gift presentation box, printed ribbons are a relatively low-cost way to add a touch of quality to your product image.

Gift boxes are different from presentation boxes: usually given away by shops when a customer buys a gift, gift boxes are a useful way to add further value to a transaction and to further promote your brand.

Carrier bags are, in one form or another, are used as packaging by almost all stores from high street discount shops through to high-end boutiques. Plastic bags are, of course, the very cheapest option, followed by paper carrier bags, through to luxury rope handled bags. Carrier bags make great packaging and if you get the design just right, can prove to be another very powerful marketing tool.

The right packaging can get your product noticed and help it stand out from others on the shelf. Get it wrong and it can say all the wrong things about your product. When choosing packaging for your product or brand, it’s important to use the expertise of reputable design company. Remember the type of packaging you choose must initially be led by the type of product you’re trying to sell: for example cardboard packaging is ideal for low-cost items whilst higher-quality, premium products benefit from high-quality packaging.

Packaging can be hugely important in influencing the decisions that consumers make. Although packaging at its most basic is to protect the product and prevent damage, the colour, design and feel of packaging have all been proven to grab the attention of consumers and are crucial in the decision making process.

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