How to harness the power of product packaging as a marketing tool

Get the packaging of your product right and it can mean the difference between its success or failure. Big brands invest huge amounts of time, effort and money into the design and development of product packaging, particularly when launching a new product, but for small businesses this can make it difficult to compete in the marketplace.

Despite the fact that social media and email marketing have helped to make the endless competition for consumer’s attention a little fairer, many small businesses failure to pay enough attention to the way their products are packaged. The majority of consumers can be easily won over by good packaging and with this in mind; the way that a product is packaged should be a crucial element of the way it is marketed.

With this in mind, if you run a small business, you need to make investment into product packaging a priority, not an afterthought. Remember that the packaging you use will reflect and enhance the branding of a product so choose colours carefully and try to use the packaging to encourage potential customers to think about why they want to buy it. Colour can prove extremely influential when it comes purchasing decisions and for further information on the best colours to use for your particular product, a specialist marketing or packaging company will be able to help.

You’ll also need to take into consideration your target audience when thinking about product packaging or co-packaging. For example, if you manufacture environmentally friendly products, minimalist, simple packaging made from recycled materials will reflect your brands green credentials, whilst over-the-top packaging will simply send out the wrong message.

Luxury product packaging should be just that: high-quality materials must be used throughout and the way luxury products are packaged should create an aura of quality, status and expense.

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