How to give your small business the marketing edge

Small businesses can have the marketing edge on bigger competitors


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Although big businesses have the budgets to dominate the market with massive marketing campaigns, low prices and huge product ranges, small business often tend to have the edge in terms of customer service and great quality. This is all very well, but if you run a small business how can you turn your small size to your advantage?
Being a small business is not necessarily a disadvantage and provided you get your marketing strategy right it can prove to be a real asset.  Whilst big companies might appear to have a wide range of markets in their grasp, their blanket coverage sales and marketing strategies don’t suit everyone. For example, consumers tend to associate small manufacturers with quality products and when they think of businesses in their local area, they get a real sense of community and value.

To succeed in marketing, find your niche and stick to it

To gain the advantage over your bigger rivals, you need to find and then fill a niche. Make your products stand out from the rest, whether this is through the type or product or their quality, or by providing something that’s difficult to find elsewhere. Make sure you use every single opportunity you have to stress the difference between yourself and the big players; whether it’s through the packaging you use or your marketing materials. Quality and exclusivity are the watchwords here and if your goods are handmade, bespoke or customised you need to shout about it.

Your place in the local community is equally important and the green credentials of products is becoming of increasing concern to many consumers. This is where locally sourced products can come in as they offer consumers a way to minimise the environmental impact of their purchase because it’ll have travelled fewer miles. Don’t forget to let your target market know if you’re involved in any local events or supporting the community.

Play to your marketing strengths – treat your customers well

Big retailers and manufacturers often struggle to compete when it comes to customer service so this can be turned to the advantage of small businesses. Many consumers feel that when they buy something from a larger retailer or manufacturer and that product is faulty or goes wrong, it’s unlikely that anything will be done about it. Small, local businesses on the other hand tend to know their customers and offer a far friendlier, approachable image. With this in mind, putting a focus on superb customer service should be your priority.

A good way to enhance your standards of customer service is to begin by compiling a list of your most loyal, regular customers and then sending them regular updates on your special offers, services, news about your business and new products. This can be done in a range of ways, including sending out a newsletter with your deliveries or putting up a display or notices in your business premises.

The internet is your most valuable marketing tool

Whilst it’s important to secure a loyal customer base in your local area, don’t underestimate the importance of establishing new and wider markets. This is where your online presence becomes important: it should be targeted towards your local community but with a broad appeal that’s based on your products being local and therefore trustworthy and high quality.

Speak to a digital marketing agency for help and advice

If you would like to improve your online presence, either by creating an effective website or through targeted search engine optimisation for an existing website – you should speak to a professional digital marketing agency.

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